I do not know what support means

Today's Journal of Note:

Raving Dove

Poet and poem of the issue:
Anthony Buccino "Old Man"

It's hard to know where to fall. 9/11 was one of the most horrific tragedies this country has ever experienced on its own soil. The chain of events that have followed have only deepened that tragedy regardless of wrong or right or politics or causes.

The facts: People died. People die.
Whose flag do you wave? Whose gods do you pray to? Who and what do you owe? In this life? With your death?

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Anthony Buccino said...

Thanks, I am honored to be so honored.

I can still remember playing with my little men on the living room floor in front of our black/white Motorola. Many of those men are in my attic - physical and other worldly.